Pretrial Diversion

Evaluation of the Pretrial Diversion Programme for juveniles in Zimbabwe

Focus group discussion with police involved in juvenile pretrial diversion

consultant - unicef & zimbabwe ministry of justice


Delivered an in-depth evaluation report of UNICEF’s Pretrial Diversion Programme (PTD) for children in conflict with the law in Zimbabwe and made recommendations to the Ministry of Justice and UNICEF. 

Facilitated in-country interviews, focus groups and research and delivered comprehensive evaluation of trends, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. 


Liaison and Diversion

Offender Health Collaborative

Policy programme manager - Nacro

Lead on delivery and coordination of wide a group of organisations to implement the cross-government Health and Criminal Justice Transition Programme to develop Liaison and Diversion nationally.  

Providing technical oversight of projects and assuring the quality of deliverables. 

Developing organisation’s criminal justice strategic engagement.

I have had the privilege to work with Omar as the lead coordinator for the Offender Health Collaborative - a group of voluntary sector, academic organisations, developed to support the national Liaison & Diversion programme. His passion for this area of business is very evident, as is his effectiveness to ensure delivery across a partnership. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and working with him again.
— Andy Hunt, National Programme Manager Liaison & Diversion, Health & Justice, NHS England