Prison visits and Lectures

Current Teaching

Omar is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster and teaches on modules of the BA Criminology Course, including but not limited to: Globalisation and Crime; Punishment and Society; and Controversies in Criminology.

International WOmen's Day Lecture

For International Women's Day, Omar gave a special lecture on the treatment of women prisoners and how justice systems almost exclusively are created by men for men. He advocates for a Gender-Sensitive Approach. The title of the lecture was:

Sex in the System: Are women set up to fail in the justice system?

International Women's Day Lecture
Increase of women in prison
Toxic environment for women in prison in US

Please contact Omar if you would like him to speak about the UN Bangkok Rules and Women in Prison at your event.

British Society of Criminology Annual Conference 2017

Invited to speak at the BSC conference on the findings of an evaluation into an innovative pilot project to implement a gender-sensitive approach to probation and community-based sentences.

BSC Conference Omar Phoenix Khan

Omar has also given guest lectures on equality in prisons and rights based approach at both Essex University Human Rights Department and Universidade Estadual Paulista UNESP - São Paulo State University.

While in Brazil Omar conducted scoping visits at a high security prison, a women's remand prison and a 'resocializaion centre'.

Omar also conducted visits to identify good practice or to scope the need for improvement to conditions or alternatives to prison, across a number of countries, including: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and the Netherlands.