Founder & Director

Omar is a criminal justice professional and PhD candidate with more than a decade of specialist project management experience in complex multi-partner projects. Omar's Focus is on working with people with passion and compassion in justice systems all over the world, to become more functional, fair and financially viable.

He recently successfully led Penal Reform International's tri-country project to improve community-based alternatives to prison in East Africa and reconceptualised the model for engagement based on the evidence.

As a consultant, he has successfully delivered evaluations of projects for UNICEF, the Thailand Institute for Justice and DFID and conducted research for ICPR World Prison Brief. Most recently, Omar evaluated an innovative project in Kenya, which piloted adaptations to probation tools to implement a gender-sensitive approach. He also presented his findings at the British Society of Criminology's Annual Conference.

For five years, Omar worked for HM Prison Service and led departments across two London prisons as Head of Equality and Diversity. He trained staff, improved conditions for prisoners and conducted equality impact assessments.

Omar presented at the Second World Congress for Community Corrections and has attended expert meetings on the implementation of the new United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (Nelson Mandela Rules) with special interest in developing contexts. 

He currently teaches at the Criminology Department at the University of Westminster and has also given guest lectures at Essex University, UK, and Universidade Estadual Paulista (São Paulo State University), Brazil.

Omar holds an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development, a BSc in Psychology and has recently won the prestigious Quintin Hogg Scholarship to complete a PhD in Criminology.

Key WOrds

Criminal Justice, reform, consultant, project manager, evaluation, assessment, strategy, planning, alternatives to prison, pre-trial detention, prison conditions, diversion, equality and diversity, rehabilitation, research, speaking, theory of change, gender sensitive, accessible, co-ordination, facilitation.

I have had the privilege to work with Omar as the lead coordinator for the Offender Health Collaborative - a group of voluntary sector, academic organisations, developed to support the national Liaison & Diversion programme. His passion for this area of business is very evident, as is his effectiveness to ensure delivery across a partnership. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and working with him again.
— Andy Hunt, National Programme Manager Liaison & Diversion, Health & Justice, NHS England